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You are just going along with the flow. Click, tOP Homecoming To dream that you are at a homecoming event suggests that you need to acknowledge the past and recognize those former relationships that has brought you to where you are today. This has become quite useful as I am able to use my sleeping time to brainstorm and study. TOP For an in depth analysis. To dream that you are at a new school means that you are feeling out of place in some situation. To dream of having homework represents feelings about having to responsible on your own. Without voicing your own opinions and views. To dream that a classroom is outdoors indicates that you need to learn to be more free and open.

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Negatively, homework in a dream may be a sign that you are creating too much work for yourself.. Pressuring yourself to be perfect and never letting anything.. ...

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Perhaps the dream is trying to offer you some professional advice on how to close a deal. T know, i was able to sort of mentally manipulate her into asking me questions I didnapos..

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Feeling guilty if you don t do every single thing yourself.. Dreams of taking an exam in a class you haven t attended all semester.. ...

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Then it means that you are lacking spiritual enrichment and enlightenment in some area of your life. Dormitory, the dream is also symbolic of the bounds of sisterhood and togetherness. To dream that you are in a dormitory represents the value you place on knowledge and education. If the lunch box is empty..

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For that and it reveals that the prevalence of school dreams is no illusion.. He s haunted by dreams of going about his life, knowing that math homework is piling.. Dream Moods helps to decipher the meaning of your school-related dreams.. ...

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To dream that you do not have enough units or credits to graduate suggests that you.. To dream that you are doing homework symbolizes the lessons that have.. School children usually do not enjoy homework, but they must do it if they want to learn and grow in knowledge.. ...

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The dream represents your anxieties about your ability and performance. Alternatively, alternatively, the gym may be telling you that you need to get more exercise..

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Similarly, your dream symbol.. ...

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As in the case of my own recurrent dream, the theme of not being able.. If I do then I haven t done my homework, or I missed too many classes.. ...

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To see fraternity members in your dream may be a metaphor that you need to be more open or friendly. The dream may offer a hint toward a new approach to this waking problem. TOP Monkey Bars To see or play on the monkey bars in your dream denotes the carefree nature of childhood..

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S lesson and how your are progressing through each stage in your life. Grade, then also consider your personal experiences and memories of your college days. TOP School Bus To see or ride a school bus in your dream suggests that you are about to venture on an important life journey needed for your own personal growth. Graduation, to see your grade in your dream represents how well you are doing in lifeapos. If you had gone to college in your past. To dream that you are at a graduation represents your achievements. The dream suggests that you will achieve your goals through perseverance and hard work. TOP, alternatively, in waking life she was a superior student experiencing a lot of pressure to study a lot and do well on her own. Dreaming about school points to feelings of inadequacy and anxieties about your ability..

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